Project Description

The Minnesota State Fair is the largest-attended state fair in the nation, hosting more than 900 shows, 300 food concessions, dozens of thrilling carnival rides and a sea of educational exhibits each year. To make sense of it all, the Fair’s 2 million annual visitors depend on, an online resource built and managed under the watchful eye of pounce.

The Fair site hums along, due in large part to a 20-year consulting and programming relationship with pounce that has helped Fair planners navigate a host of constantly evolving web technology, including designing and managing a bank of high performance servers into a bullet-proof hosting system for a site that receives more traffic in 12 days than most large sites receive in a year. The engineers at pounce have worked closely with the Fair in designing a robust customized back-end custom management system that is fueled by data from multiple sources.

The pounce-built robust Food and Fun Finders – along with Merch Search – help visitors plan their day in advance, or tap into all the information while at the Fair on their phones.

Our crew translates technical challenges into plain English, pounce provides reliable, experienced direction behind the scenes, often interfacing with other Fair vendors, quietly helping put the “Great” in the “Great Minnesota Get-Together.”