Project Description

Since it was formed in the 1980s, the Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI) has been steadfastly devoted to strengthening rural economies through innovative research collaborations. pounce’s strong ties to rural America and its fascination with innovation have been the foundation of a more than quarter-century relationship with AURI.

From AURI’s earliest days, pounce has been helping tell AURI’s remarkable success stories, first in Minnesota and then in rural communities across the nation. pounce helped AURI found its quarterly publication, Ag Innovation News, and has AURI’s print design partner ever since.

As it’s evolved alongside AURI, pounce worked with printers to find affordable but eye-catching print formats that fit the quasi-state agency’s brand.

More recently, pounce redesigned AURI’s online experience, custom-engineering its site to facilitate user access to AURI’s extensive archives of research reports and consumer publications.

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