Project Description

Communicating for America (CA) began life in the 1970s with a different name: The Creamery Association. It was a small group of dairy farmers who banded together to purchase group health insurance. It soon morphed into Communicating for Agriculture and represented all farmers, ranchers and rural businesses in the halls of Congress and state legislatures in nearly all 50 states.

It pushed legislation for states to establish health insurance risk pools, allowing those with pre-existing conditions that made them uninsurance pre-ACA to get affordable health insurance.

It also started the world’s largest agricultural exchange program, sending trainees from the United State all over the world, and bringing trainees from the world to the United States to gain valuable work experience on American farms, ranches, vineyards and small businesses.

Now the re-christened Communicating for America represents small businesses everywhere, providing valuable benefits to help families.

pounce has worked with CA since it’s inception.