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Chuck Smith-Dewey
Chuck Smith-DeweyCEO and Creative Director
Chuck is the founder and Big Red Cheese of pounce, and has been a writer, designer, photographer, marketer, content strategist and cartoonist for more years than he cares to admit.

A serial entrepreneur, he’s created other businesses including a publishing company that created “Mr. Gonopolis And His 12 Holsteins – A Christmas Story”; a Moo-nesota Gothic photo booth at the Minnesota State Fair; and the web’s top organic health insurance site,, which he sold in 2019.

KERA – the PBS and NPR affiliate in Dallas, TX, was pounce’s one of pounce’s early clients as he managed its website for a number of years. Other clients include non-profits, quasi-governmental agencies, membership-driven sites, small businesses, and sites in the agriculture, entertainment and insurance verticals.

Chuck graduated cum laude in mass communications from Minnesota State University Moorhead. He edited the Advocate, which was chosen best college newspaper by the Minnesota Newspaper Association.

His Lakeland Terrier Rooney is pounce’s current mascot. She likes garden hoses.

Carol Cooksley
Carol CooksleyProject Manager and Consultant
Carol brings more than 30 years experience in business consulting and project management, focusing on the planning, execution and profitable delivery of solutions.

After helping to ready a marketing agency for acquisition by a publicly held insurance company, she spent 10 years in operations, managing the human resource team and also responsible for implementation and oversight of the 401(k) plan, employee relations, payroll, benefits, internal communications and facilities.

Previously she facilitated the growth and profitability of a small, independent marketing company, managing accounting, human resources, technology and facilities, while helping to build a graphic design department to support the writers and thinkers.

Carol was most recently the COO of, handling partner relationships, finance and operations, and continues to consult with small businesses. She holds an undergraduate degree in journalism from the University of North Dakota, and an MBA from the University of St. Thomas.

Carol was previously a rabbit owner, but now enjoys a granddog named Henry.

Bailey Smith-Dewey
Bailey Smith-DeweyUX Researcher/Designer and Graphic Artist
Bailey most recently came to us from after a nine month contract as the user experience designer at UCare, a Minnesota based healthcare company. Her work focused on Ucare’s two main online portals as well as the public facing website.

Prior to that she completed two internships: four months in publications design at the Minnesota State Fair; and seven months doing qualitative research at Fusion Hill, consisting of interviewing participants and strategy work of scheduling, coordinating and creating presentations for Fortune 500 companies in the financial services industry.

Previously at pounce, Bailey helped shape, using a variety of research including internal site analytics and specific user feedback to refocus its team towards an understanding of their users and to place value on other features alongside their already well-curated content.

Bailey has an anthropology degree from Smith College as well as a post-graduate certification in UX Design. She has a cat named Millie, who was an unwed teenage mother to Zola (“The Beast”) and three other kittens.